Perfect Circles

Perfect Circles

Perfect CirclesKaren Kay Buckley Australia Perfect CirclesThis package contains 15 different circle sizes, 4 of each size, ranging from 7/16″ to 2″ for a total of 60 circles. Following the directions included in this package you can make perfect circles for your hand and machine applique.

Retail Price: A$24.00

Bigger Perfect Circles

Karen Kay Buckley Australia Bigger Perfect CirclesThere are ten different sizes ranging from 2-1/4” to 4-1/2” and they are made from heat resistant plastic so you can use them with an iron. These bigger sizes are great for the center of a Mariner’s Compass block, Drunkard’s Patch blocks, traditional appliqué and so much more.

Retail Price: A$26.00

Perfect Ovals

Karen Kay Buckley Australia Perfect OvalsIf you love your Perfect Circles® you will love the Perfect Ovals™. They are made from the same heat resistant plastic as the Perfect Circles® so you can use them with an iron on a medium heat setting. Inside each package are detailed directions along with 20 ovals, 10 sizes, 2 of each size. I love them for making grapes and flower petals and I have no doubt you will find even more uses for them.

Retail Price: A$21.00