Perfect Adjustable Rulers and Squares

Perfect Adjustable Ruler 3 inch

Karen Kay Buckley Perfect Adjustable Ruler 3inchThis ingenious ruler is four rulers in one package. The five piece ruler easily snaps together to form a 6″, 12″ 18″ or 24″ length. It has clear and accurate markings along with 30, 45 and 60 degree angle markings. You’ll love it at home or on the go. It will be your perfect travel companion. All the pieces pack nicely in the felt bag enclosed in the package. For storage we recommend you snap the small end cap onto a larger piece so it does not get lost.

Also available in a 6 inch version.

Retail Price: A$59.50


perfect-adjustable-square-adaptorPerfect Adjustable Square Adapter

If you like using your Perfect Adjustable Square, but found it was only adjustable to 1/2″ increments on the outside and whole numbers on the inside, the here’s the good news! There is now an “adapter” to change the outside measurements to whole numbers.
The new adapter makes the interior square adjustable from 5 1/2″ up to 21 1/2″ and the exterior square adjustable from 11″ up to 26″. The adapter is a slightly different colour so that it stands out from your other pieces.

4 piece packet

Retail Price: A$19.50